Skin Surgery

Skin Surgery Dr Andrew MacLeod.jpg

Procedures for skin problems are common, and range from removing benign lesions (such as cysts or lipoma) to more complex skin cancer surgery. Often a diagnosis and management plan can be instituted after taking a careful history and clinical examination, but sometimes the diagnosis is unclear and small sample (biopsy) of the lesion in question is required before a definitive plan can be decided upon.

Surgery for skin lesions is also not always required. Some lesions can be safely monitored or respond well to topical treatment (eg. Creams). However, surgery can sometimes be used to complement topical treatments or can provide better long term outcomes, particularly with the removal of skin cancers.

Mr MacLeod will take the time to explain the nature of the skin lesion in question, and will explain the options available to you to have the lesion investigated further or treated. If a procedure is recommended, Mr MacLeod will explain the procedure in detail, risks, recovery and likely outcomes going forward. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss alternatives.

There are many skin conditions which do not require surgery, and are best assessed by a dermatologist. If it is felt that you would benefit from an opinion by a dermatologist, this can be arranged with your consent.